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Morelia and Patzcuaro Day Trip

Morelia Morelia | Click to enlarge

"Queen of the Colonial Cities. Morelia is rich in History, Culture and Architectural Marvels".

Morelia is the capital of the state of Michoacán and one of the country's most significant colonial cities, A unique model in America by the UNESCO, who gave it the title of a World Cultural Heritage.

This is a gorgeous city filled with beautiful streets that are enhanced by the magnificent colonial constructions; stricted building regulations to ensure that the original look and feel of the city is well-preserved.

To visit Morelia is to arrive in a city where time stood still. Its tranquil streets are silent witnesses to the history that has gathered in every corner, don't miss it.

What will be visited in Morelia Colonial Center

 Cathedral of Morelia: is the most significant religious construction within the City of Morelia, is said to have taken over 100 years to build and is one of the finest in all of Mexico.

 El Acueducto: (the aqueduct), which is an artificial channel that brings water from one location to another. Morelia's aqueduct runs along dozens of colonial arches that stretch for over a mile across the city.

Palacio de Gobierno (Government Palace): which is about a block east of the cathedral, and today boasts fine murals that tell the history of Michoacán and Mexico.

Casa Museo de Morelos (Houses of Independent Hero): is a converted house, the place where Morelos lived as an adult.

Temple and music conservatory of Las Rosas: This was the first convent of the City and belonged to the Dominican Nuns of Santa Catalina de Siena.

Jardin de las Rosas: (Garden of Roses) famous for its cultural environment and artistic surroundings.

The Government PalaceThe seat of the State government: Built between 1760 and 1770. Its original, function was as the Tridentate Seminary of Valladolid. There are three murals here painted by Michoacán artist Alfredo Zalce, with portray different periods in the history of Mexico in general and Michoacan in particular.

Federal Palace: This building constructed in French-style eclectic, dates from the 18th century. First it was a Catherine convert, in the 19th century; it housed the Teresina School of Santa Maria of Guadalupe.


Morelia Morelia | Click to enlarge
MoreliaMorelia | Click to enlarge