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Patzcuaro is a charming town with a mixed colonial and indigenous feel.

Just 45 minutes southwest of Morelia.

What will be visited in Patzcuaro Michoacán

 Basilica of Our Lady of Health: (Nuestra Señora de la Salud): it was the Cathedral's seat in the State of Michoacán until 1950. The venerated image of our lady of Health, made with paste of corn cane and orchid honey in the XVI century.

The Basilica of Our Lady of Health was built over a pre-Hispanic ceremonial centre, commissioned by the first bishop in Michoacán, Vasco de Quiroga, whose remains rest in the temple. The basilica is well attended throughout the year, especially on the 8th day of every month, when hundreds of devotees come to pray and ask for protection to the regional patron.

Vasco de Quiroga Square (Plaza Vasco de Quiroga): the grand square is surrounded by buildings of the colonial period, it is considered one of the most beautiful squares of America. Its dimension, the majestic big houses built around it, and the absence of religious buildings make it different from the rest.

Chapel of the Humilladero: The oldest church in Patzcuaro Michoacán built in the early 17th  Century  this was the original entrance to Patzcuaro ,  also where the Purepechas surrendered, recognizing the Spanish as their sovereign rules.

House of the  11 Patios. (Casa de los 11 Patios): It is a convent compound dating back to 1742, and the only one of the Dominican order in Patzcuaro; in the oldest part of this great precinct, there is a precious water fountain that stands out, along with the baroque portal on one of its bathrooms, a most singular detail in those times.  Today it is a colorful fair of artisans in which a great variety of traditional products are made, exhibited and sold.

Palace  of Huitzimengari: It belonged to the prince Antonio de Huitzimengari, son of the last Purepecha governor or Cazonci and godson of the first viceroy of the New Spain, Don Antonio de Mendoza. Even if it has a solemn facade, in the interior, a great patio full of flowers and surrounded by arcs is found, the indigenous craftsmen exhibit their products at present time there.

Gertrudis Bocanegra's Square: it is the second most important square in Patzcuaro, it is also known as Plaza Chica. It is very visited due to the closeness of the handcrafts and typical food market. In its center a bronze sculpture of Doña Gertrudis Bocanegra, a heroine of the independence period, who was born in Patzcuaro Michoacán.

Departure Time: 7:00am From Hotel Lobby.

Transportation: Air Conditioned Suburban.

Tour Guide: English Speaking Knowledgeable Tour Guide.

Meals:Lunch Only ( Bring a box lunch).

Back to the Hotel  9:00pm.

Price per Person ($225.00 USD 1 to 2 people ) ($195.00 USD  3 to 4 )  ($165.00 USD 5 & Up)

(Tour will be Private)

Patzcuaro Patzcuaro | Click to enlarge
Patzcuaro Patzcuaro | Click to enlarge